Nov 16, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog

Information Technology-BS

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Bachelor of Science Degree Program - 180 Quarter Credit Hours

Not seeking to enroll students.

The mission of this program is to provide a strong foundation in both business and technology skills that are core essentials in information technology careers. It combines basic business concepts, interpersonal communication, customer service skills and standard applications training with technical skill in the areas of hardware, networking, programming, databases and web development. This curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to identify computer networks based on the structure, application and size of the network including local, campus and wide-area networks. Students are given the tools to helot to solve problems with computer software using programing structures, logical design, software design, data representation, algorithm development, efficiency and correctness. Students are given the opportunity to learn how information and decisions are derived from data and how to maintain data integrity while storing, retrieving and updating data. This program helps provide the necessary skills for students to start their careers as professionals in the information technology industry.

Program Objectives

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the functions and applications of computers in an information systems environment by maintaining current knowledge of emerging and changing methodologies and technologies and apply that knowledge across organizational and business processes to address the critical needs of the business with respect to regulatory demands, strategic goals and daily operations.
  2. Plan, lead, organize, collaborate and communicate with persons in various information systems roles, including those in the role of user, manager, developer, analyst, database administrator and network administrator that lead organizations to successful and sustainable information systems solutions.
  3. Understand and apply social responsibility and ethical considerations with a professional demeanor and collaborative problem-solving skills in an information systems environment.

88 Credit Hours

28 Credit Hours

56 Credit Hours

8 Credit Hours

Program Specific Notes

Indicates a Core Course. Please see the Core Courses  section of this Catalog for details.

Students may be required to take this course online.

Students are required to complete CD 1000  - Career Development to meet the graduation requirements of the program.

Program Length: The Information Technology-BS program is 180 weeks in length and 2,151 clock hours.

Program Delivery: The Information Technology-BS program is offered in residential, distance learning, or blended instructional delivery formats.


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