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    Harrison College
  Dec 13, 2017
2017-2018 Catalog


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Associate of Science Degree Program - 90 Quarter Credit Hours

Not seeking to enroll students.

This program seeks to provide students with a thorough understanding of theory and application related to the advanced demand of planning and designing systems of movement for goods and services. Students are able to collect and analyze data, identify alternative solutions and select the most appropriate course of action for product and service delivery. Graduates of the program are prepared to serve as supervisors, managers, analysts, logisticians and other leadership roles in the logistics industry.

Program Objectives

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  1. Efficiently plan, organize and design logistical support activities for the movement of goods and services.
  2. Develop project management documents such as plans, schedules and responsibility and compliance matrices.
  3. Identify strategies for fostering relationships with external and internal stakeholders significant to logistics activities.
  4. Continuously seek and learn innovative logistics advances to improve processes and delivery.
  5. Adhere to local and international laws associated with logistics activities.

56 Credit Hours

20 Credit Hours

General Education Elective Courses

One course (4 credits hours) must be selected from the listing below:

4 Credit Hours

10 Credit Hours

Program Specific Notes

Indicates a Core Course. Please see the Core Courses  section of this Catalog for details.
I Students who reside more than 60 miles from a campus offering this program of study must complete the capstone course in place of the Internship. Please refer to the Experiential Learning  section of this catalog for additional information.
OL Students should expect to take this course online.
Program Length: The Logistics-AS program is 84 weeks in length and 1,059 or 1,131 clock hours.

Program Delivery: The Logistics-AS program is offered in residential, distance learning, or a combination of both types of instructional delivery formats.

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