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    Harrison College
  Nov 23, 2017
2017-2018 Catalog


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Bachelor of Science Degree Program - 180 Quarter Credit Hours

Not seeking to enroll students.

The Accounting Bachelor of Science degree program seeks to provide students with an understanding of theory and application related to an accounting environment, including instruction in the areas of performance analysis, budgeting, managing controls, taxation and auditing. The Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting helps prepare professionals for jobs in private businesses, government or nonprofit agencies and public accounting firms.

Program Objectives

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  1. Generate financial results arising from business transactions.
  2. Evaluate the relationship between financial statements, payroll, income tax statements and business operations.
  3. Critically interpret and communicate the implications of corporate governance and ethical operating decisions.
  4. Evaluate the regulatory and auditing implications when analyzing accounting processes and business risk.
  5. Perform financial analysis and critical decision making while implementing core accounting principles.

112 Credit Hours

52 Credit Hours

General Education Elective Courses

One course (4 credits hours) must be selected from the listing below:

4 Credit Hours

12 Credit Hours

Program Specific Notes

Students are encouraged to check with the State Board of Accountancy in the state the student resides for eligibility requirements to sit for the CPA exam.

Indicates a Core Course. Please see the Core Courses  section of this Catalog for details.
OL Students may be required to take this course online.
I Students who reside more than 60 miles from a campus offering this program of study must complete the capstone course in place of the Internship. Please refer to the Experiential Learning  section of this catalog for additional information.
Program Length: The Accounting-BS program is 180 weeks in length and 2,127 or 2,199 clock hours.
Program Delivery: The Accounting-BS program is offered in residential, distance learning, or a combination of both types of instructional delivery formats.

Accounting Bachelor's Degree and CPA Certifications

Requirements to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam are outlined by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and may be found on their website The requirements may vary depending on the state in which the exam is administered. In the majority of cases, individuals interested in sitting for the CPA Exam must have successfully completed coursework beyond the bachelor degree level in order to be eligible. Students are encouraged to check with the State Board of Accountancy in the state in which the student resides for additional eligibility requirements.

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