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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2016-2017 Catalog


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This catalog outlines the current curriculum and requirements of Harrison College. It may be periodically updated, reflecting changes that allow Harrison College to fulfill its mission and objectives. Harrison College reserves the right to change any provisions, offerings or requirements at any time within the student’s term of study without prior notice, provided that such changes will not create a conflict with state and federal laws and regulations. Harrison College also reserves the right to make changes in administration, faculty, tuition and fees or any other school policy or activity without prior notice.

All changes are effective July 1, 2016 unless otherwise indicated within the individual catalog section or an addendum to the 2016-2017 Harrison College Catalog. The Catalog available on the Harrison College website, www.harrison.edu, reflects the most current information.


Published July 2016



01 Published 07-19-16
02 Published 08-11-16
03 Published 09-06-16
04 Published 09-26-16
05 Published 11-01-16
06 Published 11-22-16
07 Published 01-06-17
08 Published 01-20-17
09 Published 03-14-17
10 Published 05-15-17