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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog

Tuition and Fees


All tuition is due and payable in full at registration. Arrangements may be made, at the discretion of the Student Financial Services office, for students (and/or parents of students) to sign a Financial Plan to pay a portion of tuition and fees not met by scholarship, financial aid or other sources and arrange payment terms for the balance.

Any payments not made by the scheduled due dates are subject to late fees. All arrangements for financial aid should be made well in advance of the beginning of the program.

Tuition is based on the number of credit-hours taken quarterly. Any student taking 12 credit-hours or more is classified as a full-time student. Any student taking less than 12 credit-hours is classified as a part-time student. 10 or more credit-hours is viewed as full time for tuition calculation purposes only for students enrolled in Program Groups 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 as outlined in this section.

Harrison College reserves the right to increase tuition at any point throughout the catalog year. Students not pursuing an academic credential are considered non-degree seeking students. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

A student enrolling for a midterm start will typically be limited in the number of courses the student may attempt during that abbreviated quarter. Consequently, the student will be charged at a per-credit-hour tuition rate that applies to students taking twice the number of credits during a full quarter. For example, a student enrolling in a midterm start quarter, who is taking six credit-hours, will be charged at the 12 credit-hour rate for each credit-hour attempted during the midterm start quarter.

Tuition Freeze Program

Harrison College instituted a tuition freeze in 2007. A student who remains continuously enrolled in a program of study will not be subject to future increases in tuition. A student who changes majors or majors in more than one program, will be charged a consistent tuition rate as long as the student remains continuously enrolled. Tuition will be based on student’s original enrollment start date and current Program Group.

Students, who petition for re-entry, having been withdrawn or suspended from the College, will be charged at the tuition rate in effect during the quarter of re-entry. Harrison College reserves the right to rescind the Tuition Freeze Program in future catalog years for students not covered by the above policy.

Effective July 1, 2017
The Quarterly Tuition Charge, by Program, is as Follows:


Program Group

Accounting-AAS Program Group 1
Accounting-BS Program Group 1
Associate of Science in Nursing Program Group 4
Business-AAS Program Group 1
Business-BS Program Group 1
Business Management-BS Program Group 1
Central Sterile Processing-Certificate Program Group 14
Clinical Massage Therapy-Certificate Program Group 14
Criminal Justice-AAS Program Group 1
Criminal Justice-BS Program Group 1
Culinary Arts-AAS Program Group 5
Dental Assistant-Diploma Program Group 15
Electronics Engineering Technology-AAS Program Group 6
Health Care Management-BS Program Group 2
Health Information Technology-AAS Program Group 2
Hospitality Management-BS Program Group 1
Information Technology-AAS Program Group 6
Information Technology Leadership-BS Program Group 6
LPN to ASN Program Group 4
Medical Assisting-AAS Program Group 2
Medical Assisting-Diploma Program Group 2
Medical Billing and Coding-Diploma Program Group 2
Medical Laboratory Technology-AAS Program Group 3
Medical Office Assistant-Certificate Program Group 2
Medical Reimbursement Technology-AAS  Program Group 2
Pastry Arts-AAS Program Group 5
Practical Nursing-AAS Program Group 3
Practical Nursing-Diploma Program Group 3
RN to BSN Program Group 14 and Group 16*
Surgical Technology-AAS Program Group 3
Technology Support Professional-Diploma Program Group 6
Veterinary Technology-AAS Program Group 7

Program Group Charges

Program Groups 1, 2, 6 and 7**

  Part-Time Tuition: ≤9 Credit Hours $475.00 per credit hour
  Full-Time Tuition: 10-15 Credit Hours $400.00 per credit hour
  Accelerated Full-Time Tuition (≥16 Credit Hours) $350.00 per credit hour
  Program Fees $625.00 per term
  Books and Supplementary Materials (Approximate) $275.00 per term

Program Group 3

  Part-Time Tuition: ≤9 Credit Hours $475.00 per credit hour
  Full-Time Tuition: 10-15 Credit Hours $400.00 per credit hour
  Accelerated Full-Time Tuition ( ≥16 Credit Hours) $350.00 per credit hour
  Program Fees $350.00 per term
  Books and Supplementary Materials (Approximate) $550.00 per term

Program Group 4**

  Tuition $435.00 per credit hour
  Program Fees $375.00 per term
  Books and Supplementary Materials (Approximate) $600.00 per term

Program Group 5

  Tuition $360.00 per credit hour
  Program Fees $700.00 per term
  Books and Supplementary Materials (Approximate) $195.00 per term

Program Group 14

  Tuition $295.00 per credit hour
  Program Fees $425.00 per term
  Books and Supplementary Materials (Approximate) $275.00 per term

Program Group 15

  Tuition $250.00 per credit hour
  Program Fees $625.00 per term
  Books and Supplementary Materials (Approximate) $275.00 per term

Program Group 16

*Students enrolling for the Summer 2018 or prior term(s) qualify for this group’s tuition rate - but must maintain continuous enrollment to qualify for  this reduced rate. If enrollment is broken, Program Group 14 charges will apply.

  Tuition $111.11 per credit hour
  Program Fees $425 per term
  Books and Supplementary Materials (Approximate) $275 per term


**Students enrolled in Program Groups Four and Seven are scheduled as a cohort and are expected to maintain full-time enrollment except in cases where the student has been awarded credit or is repeating a course.

Fee Structure

Transcript Fees

  Official or unofficial transcripts ordered online: $5.00
  Official or unofficial transcripts ordered on campus (48 hours): $10.00
  Rush delivery of official or unofficial transcripts ordered on campus (24 hours): $15.00

Credit Award Fees

  Course Test-Out Fee $45.00
  The Chef’s Academy Kitchen Test-Out Fee $750.00

Program-Specific Fees

Applicants to the Nursing, Associate of Science; Practical Nursing; and LPN to ASN, Associate of Science programs may incur the following additional costs:

  Drug Screen and Background Check $115.00
  Physical Examination (Approximate) $75.00
  Pre-admission Test Fee $45.00
  Immunizations (if not current) (Approximate) $100.00
  CPR Certification from American Heart Association (if not current) $30.00
  Health Insurance (Approximate) $200.00


Applicants to the Electronics and Information Technology programs are subject
to the following Information Technology Service Fees

Course #

Exam #

Exam Title


ITS 1500   220-901 CompTIA A+ Exam 1 $94.00
  Tools and Flash Drive Package $150.00
ITS 1505   220-902 CompTIA A+ Exam 2 $94.00
ITS 1550   N10-005 CompTIA Network+ $145.00
ITS 2000   073-698(70-698) Installing & Configuring Windows 10 $72.00
ITS 2050   LXO-103 CompTIA Linux+, Exam I $157.00
LXO-104 CompTIA Linux+, Exam 2 $157.00
ITS 2250   100-105 CISCO CCENT (Exam 1 of 2 CCNA) $165.00
ITS 2255   200-105 CISCO CCENT (Exam 2 of 2 CCNA) $165.00
ITS 2350   SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ $203.00
ITS 2700   073-410(70-410) Installing and Configuring Server 2012 $72.00
ITS 4220   CVO-001 CompTIA Cloud+ Certification $145.00

Fee Structure for Students Enrolled

Prior to July 1, 2012

A student enrolled prior to July 1, 2012, is subject to the following Program Fees, Book Fees, and additional charges. Students enrolled on or after July 1, 2012, are subject to the fee structure described previously.

  Campus Parking Fee
(Please contact your campus for specific dollar amount assessed each term)
  CPR Fee for Medical Assistant and Surgical Technology Students   $90.00
  Criminal Justice Forensics Lab Fee   50.00
  Graduation Fee   90.00
  Health Science Lab Fee
(Assessed for each course taken in a lab)
  Health Science Program Pin Fee
(Required of all students enrolled in Health Science programs) 
  Malpractice Liability Insurance
(Required for Health Science Program Students)
  Massage Program Fee   250.00
  Medical Assistant Program Fee    150.00
  Nursing Background Check Fee   115.00
  Nursing Competency Assessment Fee
(Assessed Quarterly only for Associate of Science in Nursing) 
  Nursing NCLEX and Indiana State Board Technology Fee   250.00
  Paralegal Database Subscription Fee   35.00
  Surgical Technology Program Fee
(Required of all students enrolled in Surgical Technology program)
  Technology Fee   230.00
  Veterinary Technology Course Fee
(Assessed for each Veterinary Technology course taken)
  Veterinary Technology Program Fee   300.00
  Veterinary Technology Program Pin Fee    25.00
  –Medical Assistant   90.00
  –Medical Laboratory Technology   90.00
  –Surgical Technology   90.00
  –Nursing    180.00
  –Veterinary Technology   90.00

Tuition Adjustment Policy

Harrison College believes in a fair tuition adjustment policy. The College recognizes that situations occur over which the student has no control; however, the College has incurred a continuing cost in facility, space, personnel and equipment for each student enrolled.

No student is charged for any quarter beyond that in which the student has attended classes. A tuition liability is established once a student has attended classes.

For students, who must withdraw or are suspended for failure to meet college standards, a withdrawal form must be completed with the Campus President, Dean or Registrar. A percentage of quarterly tuition will be charged according to the following schedule:

Tuition Adjustment Schedule

Time of Withdrawal

Tuition Charge

12-Week Term

10-Week Term

7-Week Term

Within first week of term 10% 10% 10%
Within second week of term 15% 20% 25%
Within third week of term 25% 25% 50%
Within fourth week of term 35% 40% 60%
Within fifth week of term 40% 50%  
Within sixth week of term 50% 60%
After sixth week of term   100%
Within seventh week of term 60%  
After seventh week of term 100%

Federal funds received during the term of withdrawal are refunded based on the number of days a student is in attendance, up through the 60 percent point in time of that term, per federal regulations.

Refunds shall be made within forty-five (45) days of the last day of attendance, provided the student has notified the College of his/her withdrawal. Otherwise, refunds shall be made within forty-five (45) days from the date the College determines that the student has withdrawn. In all instances, the refund will be based on and computed from the last day of attendance according to the College’s attendance records. The last date of attendance is defined as the last day a student had academically related activity, which may include projects, clinical experience, or examinations. The College encourages all students who must withdraw to provide notification of intent to withdraw to the dean or registrar. Refunds for students who do not begin classes shall be made within forty-five (45) days from the start of the term.

A student’s Enrollment Agreement may be cancelled by submitting written notice within five calendar days of signature. The school shall promptly refund in full all tuition and fees paid pursuant to the Enrollment Agreement. Such refund shall be made no later than forty-five (45) days after cancellation, unless a shorter refund period is required by state law. This provision does not apply where the student has already started classes.

If a student has paid his/her tuition in full and finds it necessary to withdraw from college during a term in which the student has attended, the above tuition adjustment policy will be followed. Any credit balance on the student’s account resulting from the above tuition adjustments will be refunded. Refunds will be applied according to federal and state guidelines. Monies paid for books and personal supplies are nonrefundable. This policy applies to complete withdrawal from the College. It does not apply to withdrawal from individual courses.

Guaranty Bond

Persons wishing to review the College’s guaranty bond may schedule an appointment with the campus president for that purpose.

Books and Supplementary Materials

Students must obtain required textbooks and materials for their courses. The Harrison College bookstore is offered as a convenient service to students. Students taking courses in an online and hybrid section generally receive electronic resources. Students may elect to purchase print copies at an additional cost from the bookstore.

Textbooks are often required in more than one course throughout a student’s program. Students will be able to order each textbook when they are registered to take the first course in which the textbook is required. Students are responsible for the cost of a replacement textbook should they no longer have access to the previously received textbook.

Students may opt-out of purchasing their required textbooks from the bookstore, however remaining opted-in and purchasing textbooks and supplies through the Harrison College bookstore allows students to obtain all resources needed to be successful in their program. Opting in also helps to stabilize expenses each term. Harrison College has negotiated special low prices on materials for students. If a student chooses to opt-out of purchasing textbooks and supplies through the Harrison College bookstore, the student must contact their Financial Aid representative.

The approximate costs for books and supplementary materials are listed in the “Program Group Charges” section of this Catalog.

Financial Clearance

Tuition and fees for the quarter are due and payable in full at registration. Details of payment options may be obtained from the Student Financial Services Office.

All students must be financially cleared before final registration. Financial clearance is defined as:

  • Payment in full for the current quarter.
  • A financial plan in place that is estimated to cover current costs in full.
  • Completion of appropriate paperwork required by the Student Financial Services office.

Students choosing to finance part or all of their education through a tuition payment arrangement must maintain a current payment status.

Students who do not comply with the above requirements may not be cleared to begin classes. In extreme circumstances, students may need to temporarily interrupt their education until appropriate payment arrangements are made.